Announcements and Postings for the Town of Woodland

All board meetings are tentatively scheduled for the 3rd Tuesday of every month @ 5:30pm, right here at

the Town Office.

All are welcome to attend!

The Town of Woodland, as of April 10, 2018, will be temporarily closing the following roads:

*A portion of the Rabbit Ridge Road (From 113 Rabbit Ridge Road to 331 McIntyre Road)

We will make sure to notify you when these roads are open again for thru traffic.

NOTE: DEP Small Community Grant money is coming available to repair faulty septic systems. All you need to do is contact the Town Office to make us aware and our CEO can take it from there.

DISCLAIMER: Please be advised that pursuant to Title 1 M.R.S.A. Section 402 (3), a public record includes any written, printed or graphic matter or any mechanical or electronic data in the possession or custody of an agency or public official that has been received or prepared for the use in connection with the transaction of public or governmental business and contains information relating to the transaction of said business; therefore, the public is advised that any correspondence, whether by traditional method or e-mail with Town offices or Town officials, with certain limited exceptions, is public record and is available for review by any interested party.

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